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Achieve Your Biggest Goals

The only planner designed specifically for small business owners

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Are you ready to achieve your biggest goals and create a scalable and profitable business without having to work more?  Do you want to cut through all of the noise, distractions, and competing priorities so you can gain clarity on where to focus your precious time, money and energy?  Do you want to create space for those things that matter most to you?

We hear you!  And that is why we created the Lean Out Planner.   

By leveraging lean practices and strategic planning, the planner features our signature method to help you lean out and focus on what matters most right now while eliminating anything that isn’t adding value to you and your customers.

Created by a business owner, for other business owners, it is the only planner designed specifically with the small business owner and entrepreneur in mind. 

"Wow, we already exceeded our sales goals for the quarter and there are still 5 weeks left to go."

- Kelly V.

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Want a sneak peek inside the planner?  We've got you! 

244 pages in total, we've got 53 of the core pages here for you to explore. 

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The Lean Out Method - Success Simplified

1. Set CONTEXT so you know where you are going and why it is important

2. Gain CLARITY on the right things to be doing right now in your business

3. Make a COMMITMENT to do whatever it takes to achieve your big goals

4. Practice KAIZEN and continuously reflect and improve in order to grow


A+ Planner

“This planner really forces you to be accountable and to show up for your business in a way I never had before...  It’s dramatically transformed the way I approach my business and I’m thrilled to say our sales and growth is better than it’s ever been. Can’t say enough good things about this planner!!!” - Karla M.

What Our Customers Have to Say About the Planner

This planner gave me so much clarity.  I love the way it started with my vision and kept breaking it down into smaller pieces that feel achievable.  I love knowing that what I am doing every day will help me achieve my goals.


The amount of information included makes it a great resource for managing my small business. It’s like carrying around a business coach with you at all times!

Megan S.

"I was totally blown away by the amount of valuable information included – it’s like taking a college course on entrepreneurship for $50."

Kate W.

The fuckit list changed my life!  I love the whole planner but that was my favorite part.


This is the best planner I have ever used (and I have seriously tried them ALL)!!


I really thrive on clear expectations, achievable goals, and unity of purpose, and boy did this planner deliver! I'm still in shock at the results my team and I were able to achieve in such a short time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karin G.

I love all the quotes to keep me inspired. There are so many unique ones I haven't heard before. 


I love everything about this planner!


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