Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle
Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle

Lean Out Planner - 4x Bundle

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The perfect gift for yourself, or the ambitious business owner in your life, our Lean Out Planner 4x bundle delivers a full year of planners for one discounted price.  Commit to having your BEST year yet without having to remember to reorder a planner every 90 days. 

The only planner designed specially for small business owners, with a proven method to help you achieve your biggest goals, scale to the next level, and increase profitability.

So much more than just a planner, the Lean Out Method is a system designed to help you achieve your biggest goals and create a scalable and profitable business WITHOUT requiring you to work more.

It will help you cut through noise, distractions, and competing priorities so you can gain clarity on where to focus your precious time, money and energy, and it will help you create space for whatever matters most to you. So, skip the overwork, overwhelm, and confusion, and replace it with the freedom, flexibility and accelerated results that the 90-day Lean Out Planner provides.

BONUS: Our signature Dream Chaser and Magic Maker cotton tote is included for free with the purchase of all 4x Planner Bundles.  

    Product Details:
    • Undated, so you can start anytime
    • 7" x 9" with a lay-flat design
    • 244 Pages
    • 13 weeks / 90 days
    • Storage pocket inside the back cover
    • Antiqued gold wire coil and hard cover 
    • Over 150 inspirational and thought-provoking quotes inside
    • Plenty of space and prompts for reflection, including a 30 page journal with 20 lined pages and 10 blank pages for thoughts, ideas & sketches
    • Based on our signature Lean Out Method system

    By purchasing the 4x planner bundle, you not only set yourself up for your most successful year yet, but you also save $30 over purchasing individually.  Plus you get our Dream Chaser and Magic Maker $18 tote included for free.  All 4 planners are delivered at once; tote ships separately.

    Your choice of 4 white planners, or a multi-color pack of coral, yellow, purple, and teal.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Lean Out Planner review

    I have only skimmed the contents, and in addition to being beautifully to look at and well designed, it seems very comprehensive and a good road map for success in 2020!

    Great Layout and Appearance

    "I love that this planner is both aesthetically pleasing AND super functional. I’ve always been drawn to pretty planners but found they weren’t structured in a way that was helpful for me, or the ones that were useful content-wise weren’t attractive. This one is the best of both worlds!"

    Love the format

    "I found this planner super useful when planning for my business. I had never really thought of planning in terms of quarters (versus for the year) and really liked that this planner breaks the quarters down into easily digestible days/weeks/months. The guides and tips are helpful to really make the most of the planner."

    Awesome gift!

    I bought the LeanOut Planner for a friend and she absolutely raved! The yellow color is even more beautiful in-person and it’s already making a huge difference in her 2020 planning. Can’t wait to get my own!

    Where has this planner been all my life?!!

    "SERIOUSLY impressed with this planner! I feel like I have a personal business coach helping me strategize for my small business. The planning and organizing guidelines really help me focus on what matters most in my business so I can eliminate the rest of the things that aren’t contributing. I can guarantee I’ll be continuing to use my Lean Out Planner for a LONG time!"