Lean Out Planner - Yellow
Lean Out Planner - Yellow
Lean Out Planner - Yellow

Lean Out Planner - Yellow

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The only planner designed specially for small business owners and entrepreneurs, with a proven method to help you achieve your biggest goals, scale to the next level, and increase profitability.

So much more than just a planner, the Lean Out Method is a system designed to support you in achieving more by doing less. It will guide you to cut through noise, distractions, and competing priorities so you can gain clarity on where to focus your precious time, money and energy, and it will help you create space for whatever matters most to you.

It provides a complete system to eliminate overwork, overwhelm, and confusion, and feel confident that you are working on the right things right now to achieve your vision and goals.

    Product Details:
    • Undated, so you can start anytime
    • 7" x 9" with a lay-flat design
    • 244 Pages
    • 13 weeks / 90 days
    • Storage pocket inside the back cover
    • Antiqued gold wire coil and hard cover (photos with white coil show the prototype - the planner you receive will look even better!)
    • Over 150 inspirational and thought-provoking quotes inside
    • Plenty of space and prompts for reflection, including a 30 page journal with 20 lined pages and 10 blank pages for thoughts, ideas & sketches
    • Based on the signature Lean Out Method system
    The 90-Day Challenge:

    The Lean Out Planner will help you achieve more in the next 90 days than you typically would in an entire year.  We have seen it work again and again for countless businesses.  ITo experience these same results, you will need to commit to following the entire method.  In fact, we challenge you to give the Lean Out Method™ your full commitment for 90 days.  In turn, we commit to you that it will help you transform your business and your life.  You've got this!

    Choosing Your Planner Color: Saffron Yellow

    This planner comes in a beautiful saffron yellow color.  It represents the Context pillar of the Lean Out Method which signifies your vision, goals, and why.

    Saffron yellow is also associated with happiness, optimism, and high energy, all things you should feel when designing your dream business and life.  It is a great choice for those looking to feel inspired and excited and hopeful for the next 90 days.  

    Also available in orange, purple, teal and white.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Exceeded my expectations

      "Wow, we already exceeded our sales goals for the quarter and there are still 5 weeks left to go."


      "I love the gromps break down. I realized that I was spending too much time on miscellaneous things and not enough time on things related to my goals. I am not at the perfect break down of work yet but I am getting better every week. I also love the reflection questions. This is such a great planner! I wish I found it sooner."

      So much value

      "I was totally blown away by the amount of valuable information included – it’s like taking a college course on entrepreneurship for $50."

      Requires WORK but your biz will thank you for it

      “This isn’t your typical planner where you schedule in your meetings for the week. It’s a serious business resource, requiring you to dig deep about your business strategy and where you’d like your business to go. Results require introspection and hard work and this planner has been supporting me through every step along the way. If you want a pretty planner for meal planning or inspirational quotes, go with something else. But if you’re serious about growing and optimizing your small business, hands-down, you NEED this planner.”

      This planner is awesome!!

      “I’m just starting my own company and am so happy I found this planner!! It’s taught me so much about organization, goal-setting, time management and helps me figure out things I’d never even thought about, like which activities will be most beneficial for MY business vs. what everyone is saying I “should” be doing. I love the weekly check-in’s and SMART goal planning prompts. Feeling so inspired and ready to tackle anything!”